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Nathan Stephens

Star Sign: Aries
Date of Birth: 11 April 1988
Born: Bridgend
Lives: Cardiff
Event: Javelin and Discus (F57)
Coach: Anthony Hughes
Achievements & Honours
2003 Flora London Mini Marathon 4th
2005 Stoke Mandilville World Junior Games 1st Discus, 1st Shot Put, 1st Javelin
2005 European Championships 5th Shot Put and Javelin
2006 Dublin World Junior Games 1st Discus, 1st Shot, 1st Javelin
2006 World Championships 5th Shot Put, 5th Discus
2006 Winter Paralympic Games 7th Sledge Hockey
2007 Tipai Iwas Worlds Championships 3rd Discus
2008 Paralympic Games 4th Javelin, 8th Shot Put, 11th Discus
2009 Switzerland World Junior Games 1st Javelin, 1st Shot Put, 2nd Discus
2010 Czech Republic World Junior Games 1st Javelin, 1st Discus
2011 IPC World Championships Gold Javelin
2011 New World Record at Czech Open (F57 Javelin) 41.37m on 20 August
2012 BT Paralympic World Cup, Silver Javelin
2012 London 2012 Paralympic Games F57 Javelin
2013 IPC World Championships Lyon, 5th Javelin, 7th Discus
2013 Sainsbury's Anniversary Games 3rd Javelin
Interesting Facts  
My Heroes: Anybody with the desire to win and has had to overcome adversity to acheive their goals
What Drives Me: The thought that what I do will hopefully inspire others to go out and achieve thier own goals. Also the thought of winning every competition that I throw in
Likes: Surfing and long walks on the beach with Charlene, my wife and our two dogs
Dislikes: Getting told I can't do something because I have no legs, 'anything is possible'
What makes me cry?: Chopping onions
Favourite Music: Depends on my mood
Best Brands: Oakley, Apple and Under Armour
How I got started?: I got told about Paralympic Sport whilst in hospital after my accident, so picked it up to begin my new life, and then Mr Anthony Hughes showed me the way of Javelin
Closest Friend: My closest friend is Greg Caton
What else?: I have a Beagle that has eaten through my walls, my sofa and my Oakleys! He has calmed down a lot now though, my Yorkshire Terrier is the biggest dog diva of them all. I also love to experiment in the kitchen but I would say that I'm a brilliant cook
Media Highlights: 2014 Contestant on Strictly Sports Relief
2014 Ice Sledge Hockey Pundit for Channel 4, SOCHI Winter Paralympics
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