Aled Davies
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Aled Davies

Star Sign: Gemini
Date of Birth: 24 May 1991
Born: Bridgend
Lives: Newport
Coach: Ryan Spencer Jones
Position: Athletics
Classification: F42 Discus and Shot Put
Aims for Next 3 Years: To win Double Gold at the IPC World Championships 2017 (London)

Achievements & Honours
2010 Double Junior World Champion
2011 Double Junior World Champion
2011 IPC World Championships, New Zealand, 2011, Bronze
2012 London Paralympics, Gold, F42 Discus
2012 London Paralympics, Bronze, F42 Shot Put
2013 IPC World Championships, Lyon, Double Gold
2014 Commonwealth Games, Silver
2014 European Championships, Swansea, Double Gold
2015 IPC Dubai Grand Prix, Gold, F42 Discus
2015 IPC Dubai Grand Prix, Gold, F42 Shot Put
2015 IPC World Championships, Doha, Gold F42 Shot Put
2015 IPC World Championships, Doha, Gold F42 Discus
2015 Rio Paralympics, Gold, F42 Shot Put

2012 Awarded MBE for Services for Sport
2012 Welsh Sports Personality of the Year (Shortlisted)
2014 Commonwealth Games Team Captain (Wales)
2014 Welsh SPOTY ‘Team of the Year’ (Winner)
F42 Discus and Shot Put World Record Holder
Interesting Facts  
My Heroes: Mohammed Ali
What Drives Me: Success, making other people proud and fulfilling my potential
Likes: Sport (Surfing, Football, Rugby, Boxing, UFC, Athletics) Travelling Photography Benji (My ChowChow Dog)
Favourite TV Shows: Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, MOTD and Celebrity Juice
Favourite Films: Wolf of Wall Street, Twin Town, Blind Side, Notorious BIG, 8 Mile, Kickboxer, Warrier and Never Back Down
Best Brands: Nike, GoPro, Mercedes, Apple/MAC, Pioneer and Beats
How I got started?: I grew up in a sport loving family, my dad being a rugby player, brother being a swimmer and my mum being the biggest supporter. I always wanted to be like my brother if not beat him, and swimming was perfect for me being a non-weight bearing sport that allowed me to be the same as everyone else when I was in the water.
Closest Friend: My girlfriend, Benji (my dog) and my family